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Janky Chic® Anthem #NOTENVOGUE
Lyrics: (Make me beautiful) Cut a picture out of what you like... Or tell me your Dezign and that would be fine. Describe all your finikies at my delight! Because I ain't gonna let you out my site!

--I just want you to know Honey, I'm not En Vogue Not dressed in Designer Clothes But I'm Still Beautiful! -

Rip that magazine make decoupage Because I know who you are You're in my thoughts And I know what you want Because that's not hard! I just need to know that I'm your star!

(make me beautiful!- I AM NOT EN VOGUE!) -Alicia Dawn Miranda

Recoded at Sound Gift Studio 360-920-1229 Produced By Human Error

"Thank you for choosing..."The Scent Of Art!"